A Spiritualised Mind Is the Goal

Marina Abramovic sits opposite a visitor at MoMA. Credit Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

When you are engaging with another person—a client or anyone else—what are you usually perceiving about them in that moment? Most likely you see his body, her shape, his clothes, her posture, his expression?

What else do you perceive? Probably her energy, his emotions, her mood, his attitude, her words, his focus. And then what do you perceive?

What next, if anything, arises in your mind’s eye when you are there engaging with that person?

The mind is capable of taking in vast amounts of information about another person, yet so much is at an unconscious level. What we are normally left with are superficial perceptions of form (body, thoughts, words), emotion, and energy. This stuff is right there. What our conscious mind is less likely to perceive in every moment is the deeper realm of being that lies beneath it all, the realm of the soul and spiritual self.

Here’s how to accomplish that:

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