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Sometimes in life what we do we do, and never name it. We leave the naming to other more educated folks as in the case of ontological coaching.

Effective executive coaching (results driven) has always been an ontological process. Ontology comes from two Greek words, “on” meaning “being” and “logia” meaning study. When combined, these two words mean the study of being alive and existing.

Good to great coaches do study their coachees. They listen to what is being said and what is not being said. Then they offer guidance through practical questions to shed light on the coachee’s behaviours or the behaviours of others.

With many executive coaches engaging in remote coaching, all these coaches have at their disposal is their ears unless of course the coach is using Skype or some other face to face technology. Through active listening and understanding human behaviour, the coach can provide the necessary insight.

Possibly this is why I firmly believe in beginning by articulating the desired results first and then starting at the beginning by identifying one’s purpose in life. Far too many people fail to align their passion and their plans to their purpose.

In this edition I share my favourite questions to identify my coachee’s purpose.

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