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What It Takes to Be a Great Transformational Coach

I had a conversation last month with a few coaches on the question of what it takes to become a great transformational coach. Interestingly, most of the ideas presented had to do with skills or techniques the coach could possess or offer.

And while this is partly true, I think the most essential element was overlooked. Here is what I believe makes a great transformational coach:

You need to commit deeply to your own transformation.

This is the one factor that separates the true transformational coach from the pretender. If you desire to become a great transformational coach, it’s worth reflecting on this question:

How deeply am I committed to my own transformation?  And not just to surface level change, but to true transformation?

Some years back I moved through a long period of intense inner transformation. It was tough—as transformation will be—replete with great uncertainty about myself, my work, and my place in the world.

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