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Tell Your Story… and Win More Clients Over!

By Claire Lyell


When you last went to a meeting with a potential new client, how did you present the work you do? Did you take a powerpoint presentation with you? Did you hand over a list of your past clients? Did you send an email outlining your numerous talents? Perhaps with some statistics or pie charts just to back you up? Or maybe you have a silky-smooth folder, with some credentials written up in it? A striking business card that you can pass hand-to-hand?

… and how is all of this working for you?

So, if you don’t much enjoy selling yourself, how can you convince clients that you are “the one”?  By getting somebody else to do it!  Make your success stories work for you!  Tell the story of several of your coachees – from beginning to end.

Claire shows you how, in this month edition.

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