The Clash of the Qs

Have you ever watched the television series Big Bang Theory?

This successful American series reveals on a weekly basis the clash of IQ, EQ and SQ (social intelligence).

One of the primary characters, Sheldon, demonstrates a very high IQ. Unfortunately, his lack of social intelligence is also very much present as he tells everyone within ear shot he is the most intelligent person in the room.

Sheldon’s inability to recognise and understand the emotions of others as well as his own emotions prevents him from managing all of those emotions (emotional intelligence), His high IQ works against his EQ and SQ.

Of course, we don’t have to watch television or cable to see how these three Qs clash on a daily basis.  Each day just by observing others, we are exposed to many interactions where with a little bit more patience and understanding potentially negative outcomes could quickly turn around to be far more positive.

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