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The Coaches' Toolkit: Visual Literacy

By Lyn Christian MCC, CFCC, CCmBIT Coach

An in-depth opinion about a gadget, device, strategy, etc. suggested as support for coaches to do their work even better.


The use of Visual Literacy is on the rise, yet visual thinking is not universally taught. Doodling, a form of visual thinking, has led to countless breakthroughs in areas such as science, technology, medicine, business, architecture, literature, sports to name a few. In fact, did you know that your capacity to recall the details of a meeting, a client session or a lecture increase by 29% when you scribble your notes down in doodles?

Sunni Brown, author of the Doodle Revolution offers the world one of the fastest, most creative and fun ways to catch onto how you might leverage the power of visual thinking. This is the single most influential book I read last year in terms of adding tools to my coaching skill set.

In an effort to support the creative theme of this edition of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine, I proudly present this related short video and a few suggested next steps:

Next Steps:

Order The Doodle Revolution now from Amazon and start your own self-paced tutorial found within its pages.

Take 3-hour on-line course – Visual Notetaking 101/Personal Infodoodling at:

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