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The First Step in the War on Talent

By Leanne Hoagland-Smith


Many times in attempting to find the right person for the right seat good intended first steps are taken. The end result is more of the same without changing the status quo.

Peter Drucker said “Culture will eat strategy for breakfast.” I would add in today’s world for lunch, dinner, desert and all snacks in between.

So what is culture?

The essence of basic workplace culture is the sum total of all values (what employees believe to be true), traditions (both within the history of the organisation and the employees’ own personal and professional traditions), beliefs (validated or invalidated reoccurring thoughts that direct behaviours), interactions (experiences between people both real and imagined), behaviours and attitudes.

With many organisations having multiple generations in the workplace, culture has become more like quicksand.

Many employees do not know they are walking and working on shifting stands that are ready to swallow them up without notice.

Recognising the significant importance of culture must be the first step before determining what psychometric assessments to be employed, before rewriting job descriptions to before hiring some exceptional recruiting firm.

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