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The Heart of Diversity

In this current article I’d like to explore the application of mBIT to the subject of diversity and how we can begin to honour and value the difference in us all.

In previous WCM articles I’ve shared ideas and insights from mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coaching and how Neuroscience has now uncovered that we have complex, adaptive and functional neural intelligences, or ‘brains’, in both the heart and gut regions.

I’ve also described how we can work with and coach these brains to help align them and guide your Clients to tap into their innate intuitive wisdom. All of which is detailed in our books, ‘mBraining – Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff’ and ‘The mBIT Coaching Workbook and Facilitators Guides’, which are in effect the text books for the new field of mBIT Coaching, and in which you can find numerous examples, case studies and step by step instructions for the mBIT Techniques. (see

You can also read our new book, Coaching Wisdomwhich brings together all the mBIT articles previously published in WCM along with some additional new material.

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