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The LinkedIn Code, How Coaches Can Create a Compelling Virtual Presence

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Today, I have the great pleasure of being the host on DAY 4 of the Virtual Blog Tour for Melonie Dodaro, author of the brand new book,The LinkedIn Code: Unlock the Largest Online Business Social Network to Get Leads, Prospects & Clients for B2B, Professional Services and Sales & Marketing Pros.That book will be celebrating its official launch on Tuesday June 3rd, 2014.

MELONIE DODARO is the founder of Top Dog Social Media, a social media agency that helps brands, businesses, professionals and sales teams use social media marketing and social selling to boost their visibility, attract new customers and increase their revenue. Dubbed by the media as Canada’s #1 LinkedIn expert and social media strategist, Melonie provides LinkedIn training to corporate sales teams and speaks worldwide at both industry and corporate events and conferences.

Yesterday, Melonie visited Charly Leetham’s blog at where she asked about ‘best practice’ when adding connections to your mailing list.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Melonie where I asked her about LinkedIn Ads and how to create a ‘virtual presence’ in order to stand out from the crowd.


TON: What’s the best way for new coaches to create a ‘virtual presence’ that makes them stand out from the crowd?

MELONIE: There are two essential things that coaches can do to help themselves standout from the crowd. The first is to make sure that they have used a professionally taken head-shot, with them smiling naturally and the second is to ensure that they have strong social proof in their profile.

The photo is vital because this is the first impression that you will leave with someone who is visiting your profile. When I am looking for a coach, I want to see someone who looks professional, friendly and that I feel some connection with.

Having adequate social proof can be very powerful but does not necessarily mean having dozens of recommendations or endorsements. It is more about have a few great recommendations that really highlight what kind of experience and results the person can expect if they chose to work with you.

TON: Selling their services is often not something coaches like doing. How can they get their message across without being too pushy?

MELONIE: This is what makes social selling so powerful on LinkedIn. The process of social selling is actually one of reaching out to your ideal prospects to connect with them and then building relationships with those new connections and established yourself as a valued expert. At no time during this process should you be pushing your services on your connections. If you do start pitching, you can come across as spammy and kill the relationship before it even begins.

TON: Is investing in LinkedIn ads something a coach should consider? If so, how much should they be willing to invest for a reasonable ROI?

MELONIE: There are number of instances where paying for ads or sponsoring posts may make sense for a coach on LinkedIn. For example, if they wanted to increase awareness of a new service or event to a targeted niche group. But depending on the size of a coach’s network, they may find better use of their money purchasing the Premium Service, which will allow them to better focus their attention on actively searching out and connecting with the ideal clients.


I hope you enjoyed this brief interview with award-winning social media expert Melonie Dodaro. You can find out some of Melonie’s TOP SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES – along with those of 10 other TOP world-class social media experts – on her FREE 3-Day Telesummit:

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Here’s Melonie’s stellar guest line up (in order of appearance):

  • MELONIE DODARO – Founder Top Dog Social Media, LinkedIn and social selling expert, author of The LinkedIn Code
  • LYNN SERAFINN (co-host) – Founder 7 Graces Project CIC, marketer, coach, author of The 7 Graces of Marketing, Tweep-e-licious
  • JASON MILLER – LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, corporate marketing manager for many companies
  • JOEL COMM – Entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, new media innovator
  • EKATERINA WALTER – CMO of Branderati, speaker, author of Think Like Zuck, co-author of The Power of Visual Storytelling
  • MICHAEL STELZNER – Founder/CEO of Social Media Examiner, host Social Media Marketing podcast, author of Launch, Writing White Papers and others
  • JOHN JANTSCH – Marketing consultant, business strategist, Founder Duct Tape Marketing, author of Duct Tape Marketing and others
  • PATTY FARMER – Marketing and social media strategist, speaker, trainer, radio host and author
  • KIM GARST – CEO of ‘Boom! Social’, social media marketing strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, author
  • ALLISON MASLAN – CEO of “Blast Off”, business mentor, entrepreneur, author of Blast Off!
  • JILL ROWLEY – Marketing expert, social selling ‘evangelist’, entrepreneur

Over those 3 days, Melonie and her guests will share their top tips on:

  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Building Your Online Community
  • Monetizing Social Media

Again, you can register FREE at

If you cannot make the live broadcast, register anyway so you can listen to audio replays.

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Be sure to follow Melonie tomorrow on the next stop of her Virtual Blog Tour, when she’ll be visiting Rich Gallagher’s ‘Point of Contact’ blog at where they’ll be talking about LinkedIn premium accounts, positive posting and activity levels.

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