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Transcendence: Key to Transformation

By Julia von Flotow


It’s the dramas in life, the story we tell ourselves and each other that get us entangled and stuck.

A conflict, whether with yourself or another, is a variation on this theme. It’s an entanglement.

Some people, addicted to drama, seek out conflict. It feeds their passion and makes them feel alive and strong.

Others like conflict especially if they win. They see conflict as a means of honing their skills and thrive by gaining attention – by winning at no matter what cost and to whom.

A great coaching question I learned from another coach to help clarify intent is when your client feels caught in a conflict, is “Is it more important to you to be right or is it more important to you to be happy?”

When they see themselves from this fresh perspective, as entangled in a conflict and not liking it and wanting out – wanting change, we are at a good place to begin a change process made possible through choice, through mindfulness coaching.

In this month’s edition I share 7 steps to transformation. 

These 7 steps when repeated, with coaching support, will help you create the inner capacity to feel deeply, think clearly and act wisely and, with time, be your authentic, mindful self at your best.

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