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Unleashing the Highest Expression of Co-Creativity with mBIT Coaching

Applying the new field of mBraining and multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBIT) Coaching to Co-Creating

By Grant Soosalu


This current issue of Worldwide Coaching Magazine has a focus on co-creating, and this fits powerfully with the newly emerging and complementary coaching methodology of mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques).

With mBIT Coaching, both you and the Client are working and coming from an aligned place of Highest Expression together. This is true co-creativity. From this place new and wiser ways of being open up and are possible, not just for the Client but also for the Coach/Client relationship. And this is transformative and profound.

You’ll find that as a complementary coaching modality, mBIT takes traditional coaching to amazing new levels of co-creativity. Read further in our January edition.

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