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Vitality is life: Some Conditions Apply!

By Julia von Flotow


There’s no season that teaches us more about vitality than Spring, when nature’s primal life-giving force is irrepressible and the growing conditions are just right to activate earth’s inherent fecundity in an explosion of colour, scent and growth everywhere around us.

As spring shifts into summer, conditions change – what was once, even if short-lived, a well-tended garden may become neglected, the plants that started the season out strong, now compete for space, nutrients, water and sun. The lifestyle practices that were kicked off in the ideal conditions of spring may be gasping for support from the sweltering heat of July and the droughts so common in August.

So how can you best navigate the changing external conditions and live sustainably?

Julia shows you how in this edition of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine.

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