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What Could I Possibly Achieve?


It’s no secret that this world has a lot of problems and many of these affect a great percentage of the population. In reality, when even one person is affected by anything, all are affected because we are all one.

Whatever we do—our thoughts, decisions and actions—will always affect the collective. The idea that “what I do is my business” is just a fallacy. All the good and all the bad we do always affect others.

Many people I meet in the coaching world are growing in this awareness, and they feel a strong impulse to do something meaningful, to contribute with a solution to any of the multitude of problems that affect this world.

When you experience the desire to do something to improve any situation, to serve others with care, compassion and love, don’t ask what you need to make this happen.

Instead, try to discover the way to do this work with what you already have.

Here’s how:

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