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When It Comes To Coaching, Are You As Creative As You Can Be?

Creativity1As a coach, you know how people learn and develop. You’ve made it your business, if not your mission, to help people realize their full potential. You bring unique skills and insight to every coaching conversation. But is it enough?

We human beings are creatures of habit. If we don’t actively infuse our coaching practice with fresh learning and new tools, our style and energy can become stale and routine. It’s not that we lack commitment; in fact, our client’s may still be enjoying unprecedented results, but the journey may not be the sensory, self-development adventure it should be.

Yael Blum’s article in this month’s issue of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine is all about her journey to become a more creative coach.



Yael Blum is committed to the heart of the matter, that essential point where values, dreams, wisdom, courage, love and leadership collide to catalyze a course of action that nourishes people and planet. As an inspiring and experienced leadership development consultant, certified executive coach, systems thinker, and AI enthusiast, Yael fulfills her mission to support the development of extraordinary leaders and social entrepreneurs worldwide. For more information visit or E-mail

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