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Why Embrace Diversity?

How to Encourage Companies to do so? How Can We Play a Role?


Diversity and Inclusion are “key functions” in most large corporates today, but not necessarily because the C-suite feels it is really crucial, either strategically or morally.

Rather, there is a legal obligation, in most cases, to fill quotas of hiring a range of non-traditional employees, and, at the risk of fines or worse if they do not conform, the companies go ahead and make attempts to recruit, typically, the barest minimum of these groups, whether they be disabled, older, of another sexual orientation, gender or whatever, compared to the company’s norms.

While this approach allows organisations to obey the law, and gives some opportunity of jobs to the  “minorities”, it does nothing to further their cause or the socio/professional progress.  This has been known for a long time, but it does no harm to repeat it, as it is an aspect of business today that is still very far indeed from being optimal.

What so many organisations fail to understand is the success and competitiveness benefits that employing a diverse range of people may confer.

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