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Coaching Toolkit: Winning The Battle For Our Stillness

In our fast-paced culture, coaches are wise to familiarise themselves with today’s thieves of mindfulness. Many factors are stealing away our capacity for stillness.

In this toolkit, I’ll share my quick (homemade) assessment you can use with your clients to gauge their ability to be still and mindful. Then we’ll discuss three things that are currently stealing our mindfulness and ways to reclaim one’s stillness. I hope you enjoy.

Download your copy of our SoulSalt, Inc., DYI Mindfulness Assessment here.

Three of today’s mindfulness thieves are: High Functioning Anxiety, iDisorder and Mindlessness. This blog, Stealing Stillness, goes into greater detail regarding each one and can help identify if you or your clients experience any of these three.

Finally, Reclaiming Your Stillness outlines research, resources and several steps to regain oneself from High Functioning Anxiety, iDisorder and Mindlessness.

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