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Yes, I Am Thriving!


Funny how so many words such as thriving return to this one word – success. For those who have established executive coaching practices, they too want to thrive, to be successful.

So before I share some thoughts by others, maybe it is worth the time to define this somewhat elusive word – success.

Nearly 20 years I came across a definition of success offered by Resource Associates Corporation, Inc. (Reading, PA) that gave me pause to take notice. This now almost 40 year organisation still holds this definition:

Success is the continued achievement of your own predetermined goals, stabilised by balance and purified by belief.

Since that time I have amended this definition to include the following after belief:

“aligned to my purpose and fuelled by my passion.”

What I do know to be true if one lacks clarity as to what success truly is for her or him, then that individual may be attempting to copy the success of another.  The end result is frustration and a false sense of authenticity.  Neither of these characteristics are ones any individual seeks especially those who are small business owners within the executive and business coaching industries.

We are all unique in our creation, our beliefs and our experiences.  To ignore our individual uniqueness does a disservice to ourselves as well as to those we serve.

In this article I explore what makes a successful practice successful. I have asked some very successful coaches these two questions:

  1. What has made your practice thrive?
  2. What is the one piece of advice you are willing to share with others who may be struggling?

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