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You Are Needed Where You Stand

By Leon VanderPol


It’s time to redefine what it means to be a successful coach.

If you were to let go of any ideas of coaching success being measured by financial gain, then a whole new realm of possibilities opens up.

Coaches are needed in all arenas of life, because they carry with them a powerful formula for enabling human change and growth.

We are living in a time of remarkable planetary change, characterised by instability, upheaval, and the breakdown of systems that once helped to maintain stability and certainty.

The future of how we will live and work together as families, communities, and organisations is unknown and unpredictable.

For many people this degree of uncertainty and change is highly unsettling. There is mounting evidence of growing levels of dis-ease and worry, as people stress themselves into suboptimal ways of being.

The coach is needed in this world more than ever before. Never mind the idea that you want to create a successful coaching practice so that you can do the work you love and make money at it—that is a relatively self-centred notion of what it means to be a coach, as it begins and ends with you.

A true coach must be looking outward at the landscape of human needs and positioning him or herself to meet those needs. 

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