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The Zen of Managing Oneself

Pressure.  It’s all around us, now more than ever.  In fact, most of us work best under moderate pressure.

Consider elite athletes; they not only expect it, they thrive on the activation they feel in real-time, when they’re up close and personal with their audience and their competition.

But what happens when the stress level rises over the “moderate” zone? Given the constant of pressure and complexity in a rapidly changing world, how do we anticipate and plan for performing at our best, under changing conditions?  What erodes our performance most?  And what are the “watch-outs” that we must plan for and balance?

Perhaps the biggest “watch-out” is our basic human tendency to inwardly resist what we don’t like.  Maybe we hate feeling dominated by our boss, hate managing whiny employees or dread presenting our ideas to the CEO.  Most of all, we hate experiencing our most uncomfortable feelings…..the anxiety, dread, or irritation that accompanies these situations that radiates outwardly whether we know it or not.

So we avoid or deny these feelings, sometimes even to ourselves. And it is often this very avoidance that triggers our most unfortunate “default settings” and trips us up.

So what’s a leader to do when extreme pressure is a part of everyday life?

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